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V-series Diesel Generator


Generator Set (Engine Brand)

Jianghao Volvo series environment consciousness Gen Sets of its exhaust emission comply with EURO two or  EURO three & EPA  standards.
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    • Commodity name: V-series Diesel Generator
    • Commodity ID: a016

    Jianghao Volvo series environment consciousness Gen Sets of its exhaust emission comply with EURO two or  EURO three & EPA  standards.

    Jianghao V series environment consciousness Gen Sets of its exhaust emission comply with EURO two or  EURO three & EPA  standards.   It is powered by VOLVO PENTA electronic fuel injection diesel engine that the global-famous Swedish VOLVO PENTA made. Volvo's three core values are linked: quality, safety and care for the environment. It maintains a leading position in the field of six-cylinder engines and electronic fuel injection technology.  The Volvo diesel generator features are good cold start characteristics, high loading capacity, small size, low fuel consumption and long life. Jianghao has been an OEM manufacturer of Volvo diesel engines for many years, with competitive prices and reliable quality.


    Type Output Power Current
    Engine model Cylinder Bore*Stroke
    Dimension(mm )
    Weight(kg) Detail
    KW KVA
    JHV-68GF 68 85 122.4 TAD530GE 4 108*130 4.76 213 2100*700*1450 1030 Click
    JHV-88GF 88 110 158.4 TAD531GE 4 108*130 4.76 214 2100*960*1450 1150 Click
    JHV-112GF 112 140 201.6 TAD532GE 4 108*130 4.76 214 2200*1000*1450 1200 Click
    JHV-128GF 128 160 230.4 TAD731GE 6 108*130 7.15 215 2500*1020*1450 1500 Click
    JHV-160GF 160 200 288 TAD732GE 6 108*130 7.15 213 2520*1060*1530 1700 Click
    JHV-180GF 180 225 324 TAD733GE 6 108*130 7.15 216 2550*1060*1530 1800 Click
    JHV-200GF 200 250 360 TAD734GE 6 108*130 7.15 204 2600*1100*1530 1950 Click
    JHV-220GF 220 275 396 TAD734GE 6 108*130 7.15 204 2600*1100*1530 1950 Click
    JHV-280GF 280 350 504 TAD1341GE 6 131*158 12.78 198 3100*1150*1600 2550 Click
    JHV-300GF 300 375 540 TAD1342GE 6 131*158 12.78 198 3100*1150*1600 2650 Click
    JHV-320GF 320 400 576 TAD1343GE 6 131*158 12.78 198 3100*1150*1600 2750 Click
    JHV-350GF 350 437.5 630 TAD1344GE 6 131*158 12.78 199 3100*1150*1600 3050 Click
    JHV-400GF 400 500 720 TAD1345GE 6 131*158 12.78 200 3200*1150*1880 3300 Click
    JHV-440GF 440 550 792 TAD1641GE 6 144*165 16.12 199 3200*1150*1880 3400 Click
    JHV-480GF 480 600 864 TAD1642GE 6 144*165 16.12 201 3300*1150*1880 3500 Click
    JHV-500GF 500 625 900 TWD1643GE 6 144*165 16.12 199 3350*1350*1950 3600 Click
    JHV-550GF 550 687.5 990 TWD1643GE 6 144*165 16.12 199 3400*1350*2000 3700 Click


    1. Above technical parameters speed is 500RPM, frequency 50HZ, rated voltage 400 / 230V, power factor 0.8, and 3-phase 4-wire. 60HZ diesel generators can be made according to the specific needs of customers. 

    2. Alternator is based on customer needs; customers can choose from Stamford, Leroy Somer, Shanghai Hengsheng, Shanghai marathon and other famous brands. 

    3. The parameter list above is for reference only, subject to change without notice.

    Key words:
    • Volvo Diesel Generator
    • Volvo Engine
  • Volvo Diesel Generator


    Production workshop




    Generator accessories



    ATS Cabinet
    ATS Cabinet
    ATS Cabinet
    Parallel Cabinet
    Parallel Cabinet
    Mobile Trailer
    Silent Type

    Container Type
    Switch Accessories
    Filter Element
    Lubricating Fluid


    Staff style & Customer visit








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    Structural characteristics and performance advantages



    1、Excellent performance

    By using the world's leading power engines, efficient generators and controller systems with different designs, it makes diesel generator sets run in the best state with enough power and stable performance.

    2、Strong environmental adaptability.(50℃ to -40℃)

    The diesel generator set can start up in the cold weather and work stably at minus 40 degrees. They can operate normally under severe conditions such as cold, tropical, windy sand and humidity.

    3、Intellectualized control system

    The control system uses multi-function modules with the electronic management system, which can carry out functions including auto start, auto protection, auto conversion between main power and genset power,muti-parallel units and remote communication function, etc.It makes the genset comprehensive, intelligent, network management and control, making the genset running in the best state. What's more, it is easy for users to operate with the control panel.

    4、Energy conservation and environment protection

    Using a power engine with the world's leading technology, and being equipped with a high-performance rubber damper and steel base, the diesel genset has a close structural design, small vibration, low noise, and low emission.


    With a standardized design, the diesel genset has general spare parts, which make maintenance convenient;

    Global famous brand power engines, high reliability and long overhaul period;

    Advanced combustion systems and high-efficiency power engines have low fuel consumption and reduce the cost.

  • Product features:

    ATS cabinet is mainly applied to the automatic switch between prime and emergency power, composing an automatic emergency power supply system together with diesel generating sets. When prime power is cut off, it can automatically switch loads such as emergency illumination, security power and firefighting equipment to generating sets.

    Continuous and rapid power supply is a basic and core function of ATS.

    As long as there is a power failure, ATS can ensure a continuous power supply.

    When a common power supply fails, ATS can quickly detect and timely automatically transfer.

    When the common power supply returns to normal, ATS will automatically transfer the load from the standby power supply to the common power supply.

    When the power supply fails, ATS can automatically cut off the power supply.







    Application field:

    It is applied in hospitals, banks, communication, airports, radio stations, hotels, factories and enterprises as emergency power and fire extinguishing power.





    Parallel Distribution Cabinet Control System




    Parallel Distribution Cabinet Control System


    Parallel Distribution Cabinet Control System


    The system can operate automatically or be controlled manually.

    The system has the functions of automatic frequency detection, synchronizing detection and switch-on.

    It is convenient to expand the capacity to satisfy the need of increasing load.

    It can be used together with multiple generating sets (32 parallel generating sets max.) to control multiple diesel generating sets for automatic synchronization.

    It offers stable frequency and voltage and can bear large-capacity load impact, achieving reliable supply, centralized management and more flexible power allocation.





    Mobile Trailer



    Jianghao trailer-type generators are easy to move and can apply a wide range. Easily moving properties make them especially suitable for construction sites, road and railway construction and temporary electricity utilization.


    Mobile Trailer

    Mobile Trailer


    Mobile Trailer

    Mobile Trailer


    Mobile Trailer

    Mobile Trailer


    • Adopt Cummins, Perkins, Doosan, MTU and Kubota engines as the power source, which makes generators' performance stable.

    • The Genset design is researched and developed by Jianghao professional team.

    • The unit has the characteristics of high mobility, low centre of gravity and safe braking.

    • Beautiful appearance, excellent manufacturing process.

    • Trailer-type design has the characteristics of mobile convenient and flexible operation.

    • Genset adopts a silent type canopy to ensure good sealing and safety. At the same time, it is used more quietly and comfortably.

    • The unit is equipped with a hand brake, to ensure safety in driving. Hydraulic support devices can guarantee the stability of the trailer units when used.

    • Split maintenance door design is very convenient for operation, and maintenance.

    Spare parts



    Switch Accessories
    Filter Element
    Lubricating Fluid


    • Brand accessories, Quality assurance
      Jianghao provides you with the original brand engine, alternator and other spare parts, the quality is more reliable.

    • Best solutions
      Jianghao will provide you best solutions for spare parts because we have the most experienced technical team and after-sale service team. Quickly intuitive query by 2D/3D makes sure requested spare parts are more accurate.

    • 24-hour Service
      We understand your needs and difficulties. Hence Jianghao after-sales team opened a 24-hour service hotline to help you solve any problems. You can contact jhfsale@jhgenerator.com for help.

    • The Most Efficient Transport
      Jianghao maintains good cooperation with DHL, TNT etc. international express companies. In case of urgent express, We promise to send it out within 48 hours, in the shortest time to reach your side. No matter when and where, no matter what you need, Jianghao will provide you with the highest quality accessories.


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